Transportation and Logistics

Logistics is the key element for effective supply chain management. Efficient logistics services assure goods are delivered in a timely manner and customers remain happy. As an industry, logistics faces many challenges. The constant battle for cheaper prices and quicker delivery times has placed immense pressure on organizations within the sector and forced them to identify new means for creating process efficiencies and price advantages.

Invoice Processing

Assuring invoices are verified and well organized is a crucial facet of the logistics process, as this assures a greater level of convenience for your clientele. While, for many organizations, freight invoice processing is not a core competency, for D'Cube Infotech, it is one of our fundamental strengths. Our invoice processing professionals have been servicing the logistics industry for over a decade and have developed unmatched expertise in the practice.

Data Entry Service

However, carrying out logistics data entry is tedious, time consuming and requires a high degree of technical competency. It can also lead to accrual of high operating costs. A far more advantageous strategy is to outsource logistics data entry. This would help transportation companies and logistics support providers quickly and efficiently manage large volumes of document and data. This will reduce the focus on non-core business tasks, enhance process efficiency, as well as reduce operational costs.

Bill Processing

The processing of freight invoices is one of the most important, yet difficult aspects of logistics. Organizations that ship products on a regular basis often become overwhelmed with freight invoices and do not possess the capabilities to efficiently complete the task in-house. As a specialist freight audit and payment processing service provider, D'Cube Infotech is able to seamlessly convert freight invoices into an integrated electronic format. With over a decade of experience, D'Cube Infotech goes beyond short term solutions and develops insights which provide long term benefits for your organization's supply chain.